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In the latest podcast, Eva Spexard, Recruiting & EMEA HR Manager for Microdrones, explores one of the company's most exciting open positions: Experimental Engineer, a position that's as much a design job as it is a technical one. This engineer will be in charge of designing electronic circuits and prototyping those same systems, as well as putting their designs to work, testing new aerial systems and sensors that are often first to market for the entire industry.

Microdrone’s HR specialist will assist you with your career at Microdrones
Eva Spexard, Recruiting & EMEA HR Manager for Microdrones


Location: Siegen Germany

Hours: 40 hours per week

Days of the Week: Monday – Friday

Travel Involved: A little bit

Experience Required: 3-7 years

Education Requirement: Doesn’t matter if you’re qualified

Career Path Expectations: Could lead to the Experimental Team

Innovative and Dynamic Atmosphere

Eva Spexard, Recruiting & EMEA HR Manager for Microdrones, has an exciting position available for a qualified individual who likes to work in an innovative and dynamic atmosphere. She says, “The position of Experimental Engineer- it’s both a design and testing job. We really need, literally, someone with more than 2 hands, so that they can do a lot of things at once and have an open mind.”

According to Eva, the qualified individual should have an excellent background and understanding in hardware and software. In addition, they should be able to demonstrate the ability to test, model and simulate systems and designs with a further capacity to perform the proper modifications and troubleshooting of prototypes. Having UAS experience would be an added benefit, however if you have the proper knowledge of other technical systems, it’s not necessary.

Global Impact

Microdrones has a global presence and has worked on a number of projects with international importance. This new position will help continue to set the bar high and create a global impact in the world of professional drone use. Eva explains, “Microdrones developed the first quadcopter professional drone system. We are planning to continue to innovate and develop new systems, which is why we are hiring an Experimental Engineer. Experimental Development is really the position that helps us stay ahead of the curve and set us apart from all of the other drone producers and developers. You really must tap into your entire technical skillset and engineering know-how. Just think. Your ideas could be used in the development of our next revolutionary piece of technology!

Company Culture

This position is based out of the new 2080 sqm. (22,000 sq. ft.) Microdrones headquarters, in Siegen, Germany. The new facility offers spacious offices and conference areas as well as a convenient flight test field complete with easily accessible diverse terrain and vegetation for testing LiDAR, photogrammetry, multispectral and R&D applications.

In addition to the modern offices, Eva feels one of the best aspects of working at Microdrones is the dynamic team environment. “Microdrones is in the business of developing every day,” Eva explains. “That’s something a new hire has to like. You really need to embrace that Microdrones spirit.  You should not be afraid of change, development and a dynamic work environment.”

Eva also places a great deal of emphasis on the company culture. Microdrones has implemented different programs and activities for all of their employees, to enhance their job satisfaction.  For example, Eva says, “We offer a German course that takes place twice a week, to support learning and speaking the language. On the flip side, to be fair, we also have English courses for our German colleagues.  We also have a fantastic employee community. We have mdSports, that occurs once per week, where any of our interested employees go participate in sports together.  Everything from running to badminton. That really helps new employees, especially those who don’t speak German, to socialize and make new acquaintances, easier. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the position of Experimental Engineer apply online through our easy application form today.