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Download the Digital Edition of the 2020 Field Tested Field Proven Journal for FREE

As the year comes to an end, Microdrones is excited to announce that the 2nd digital edition of our 2020 Field Tested Field Proven Journal is now available to download for free.

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Field Tested Field Proven is the Annual Drone Surveying Equipment and Technology Journal from Microdrones where surveying and geospatial professionals can read about case studies and user applications. With Field Tested Field Proven, you will be able to uncover new drone surveying equipment, features and capabilities in one combined collection of technical articles.

As part of the free download, readers will learn about drone surveying options for everyone with the new Microdrones as a Service program, a customizable rent-or-own model that offers survey equipment and data processing at attractive price points.

Readers will also be able to gain insight from experts at Microdrones as they unpack LiDAR and Photogrammetry technologies and explain what’s best to use, and when. There will also be a deep-dive into the three newest innovative systems from Microdrones, the mdLiDAR3000LR aaS, the mdMapper3000DμoG 3D aaS and the mdMapper1000DG 3D aaS and how they address customer pain points across a variety of industries to increase mission possibilities while boosting efficiencies.

Download Field Tested Field Proven, your drone surveying field guide with informative articles, tech in action, and expert insight into how geospatial professionals are taking advantage of drone surveying equipment for free today.