"High time for the drone"

Civilian use of unmanned aerial systems in development cooperation – Microdrones was guest commentator at an expert round in the German Bundestag. Our Business Development Manager Sven Juerss reported about versatile uses of drones.

Juerss clarified: Not every drone is of the same type. He explained the pros and cons of flight systems with wings and those with rotors. The Microdrones md4-3000 which he presented at the expert meeting combines the advantages of both: the large range of aircraft and the high flexibility of helicopters.

Among the key issues was consensus. There are many possible applications for drones in development cooperation: from mapping of inaccessible areas for the protection of national parks to disaster management. However utilization in development cooperation is still set up in trial projects only. At an expert meeting the union faction and experts explored of how possible missions could look like in future. So far drones are mainly used for military purposes. But it was “high time” to address the issue of civilian use said Joachim Prey by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The politics must provide the framework and the private sector needs to invest in the development of models and infrastructure.

Sibylle Pfeiffer, development politics spokesperson of the CDU / CSU and representative for Lahn / Dill as the head of the event emphasized the need, to sound out opportunities and risks of drones in the field of development cooperation exactly.

It is fascinating, underlined the Siegen-Wittgenstein representative Volkmar Klein, in which kind of various technology areas such domestic companies make innovative contributions for global demands. This does not only solve urgent problems, but also secures jobs in the region.