Drones for Construction

How is GeoLanes in Europe Using Drone Surveying Equipment for Earth Moving Projects?

GeoLanes GmbH in Nenzing specializes in 2D and 3D excavator systems, complete drone solutions and GPS rovers. The slogan "Systems for your next level" already represents the philosophy of the product portfolio.

Founder and Managing Director Christian Tschann talks to Baublatt, Austria to tell us about the advantages of the iDig excavator system: "With our very high-quality and affordable products, we have succeeded in expanding the future-proof markets in the field of 2D excavator systems and entering the 3D field as a new player. We believe in the concept of the iDig excavator system, as it is the only system on the market that works with wireless and solar-charged sensors. The optimal advice and support for our customers enables higher added value through cost savings and promotes the efficiency of the operation and the products. We place our faith in reliable suppliers, preferably from Europe, who have a high rate of on-time delivery and unfailing quality."

Christian Tschann, MSc, is the founder and managing director of GeoLanes GmbH in Nenzing.

For earth-moving projects, the iDig excavator system offers the economic advantage of being able to flexibly use a single system for several machines. It can be installed on all brands, all types and all sizes of excavators. The extremely simple and intuitive menu navigation allows the operator to carry out levelling and gradient work in no time at all. Facts about the iDig system:

  • the sensors communicate via radio or Bluetooth and are therefore wireless
  • in minutes, the system can be converted from one machine to another, making it highly flexible
  • thanks to the solar cells on the sensors, no batteries or other charging processes are required
  • compact, robust, waterproof, as well as dust-, shock- and vibration-resistant
  • iDig works via reference points, a rotary laser or in 3D operation with a terrain model
  • the user interface developed in close cooperation with excavator drivers is simple, intuitive and easy to learn.
  • iDig scores points with customer proximity, maximum practical benefit and innovative products

In addition, Maximilian Rusch explains the expertise that the drone business unit can draw on: "Specifically, we focus on high-quality surveying drones with LiDAR and photogrammetry. With these, we offer our customers top-class equipment from Microdrones for a pioneering overall process – from planning to the finished excavation. This means that the customer buys the drone from us together with the mdInfinity processing software, so that they can act independently. The drone operation is very intuitive and can be learned quickly, making downstream work processes in measurement significantly more efficient. The customer saves valuable time, as well as equipment and personnel resources, and also significantly increases their employees’ safety."

An actual example: for a gravel pit with an area of 10 ha, a surveying office used to take about two full working days. With the drone, in about 2 hours the area was measured completely and very accurately surveyed and the data was evaluated. One person suffices for this, and they are always in a safe location. Ground Control Points (GCPs) are no longer required. At GeoLanes, they are particularly proud of the mdInfinity software, because with it can very quickly generate a georeferenced 3D point cloud, in which, using soil classification, vegetation such as overgrowth or forest can be removed with the click of a mouse.

Microdrones' high-quality surveying drones save valuable time, as well as equipment and personnel resources, and significantly increase safety.

Facts about Microdrones:

“Aerial surveying is not just about the aircraft. It’s about the total solution, complete with all the tools geospatial pros need to perform jobs accurately, efficiently, and safely. Our integrated systems are easy to use, work with superior precision and are extremely reliable, so that customers can quickly implement their projects by using drones. We offer the best overall process in the industry from a single source and are happy to convince prospective customers with an on-site demo,” says business unit manager Rusch.