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How to Enhance QA/QC with Delta Z Maps in LP360

Incorporating the Delta Z map into the processing workflow ensures confidence in the LiDAR data before proceeding to the next phase, improving the overall project.

LP360 LiDAR processing software offers a valuable tool known as the Delta Z map that greatly contributes to the quality and accuracy of drone LiDAR projects. This tool enables users to identify and address flight line separation issues that may affect the data’s quality. The Dz Map creates a TIFF image that colorizes the map based on the vertical separation between flight lines, serving as an essential quality control (QC) tool before advancing to subsequent processing phases.

In this workflow video, Chad Dillard, LP360 Sales Manager, explains how to use LP360 to create Dz Maps for enhancing the quality and accuracy of your LiDAR projects.

Creating a Delta Z Map

LP360’s Delta Z map offers drone LiDAR users a valuable tool for enhancing their point cloud LiDAR processing. By creating a visual representation of the vertical separation between flight lines, the Dz map serves as a reliable quality control tool to identify and address any flight line separation issues.

In order to leverage the benefits of the Delta Z map, it is recommended to generate it after completing the strip alignment process. This enables users to visualize areas that need corrections and further processing.

The Dz map in LP360 is a very useful tool in the accuracy and control point assessment stages of LiDAR data processing. While smaller projects with limited flight lines may not require a Dz map, it can be a big, time-saver for larger projects, offering an automated process to detect separation issues within the point cloud.

Incorporating the Delta Z map into the workflow is highly recommended for all LiDAR data processing projects, as it enables users to have greater confidence in the reliability of their LiDAR data before proceeding to subsequent steps.

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