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How to Get Ahead in Drone Surveying by Choosing the Right Supplier

Start by selecting an equipment provider who provides High Quality Customer Service and Technology

Kuker Ranken Partnership with Microdrones and GeoCue

Kuker Ranken, the largest construction and land surveying supplier in the Northwest United States, is a prominent supplier of Microdrones and GeoCue drone surveying equipment and LP360 Drone processing software.

Having joined together to offer the very best in drone surveying equipment, geospatial software, workflow, training, and support, GeoCue and Microdrones partner with suppliers like Kuker Ranken, to provide surveyors, engineering firms, and construction companies with drone LiDAR and mapping software to achieve successful data collection, processing, and management.

Learn more about the partnership between GeoCue, Microdrones, and Kuker Ranken, and see why they recommend using LP360 Drone processing software for all of your LiDAR and photogrammetric projects in the video below:

Supplying the Northwest

Throughout the Northwest and for over 90 years, Kuker-Ranken (KR) has served surveyors, architects, general contractors, and design professionals with precision surveying equipment and supplies. KR opened its doors in 1928 and now has expanded to seven locations in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and St. George to better serve its customers. They continually train their personnel and only provide the best in quality products and customer service. Kuker-Ranken developed an Unmanned (Robotics) division in early 2021, dedicated to providing world-class training, service, and products with a focus on AEC, Inspection, and Public Safety.

Kuker-Ranken offers the complete TrueView product line of drone LiDAR and Imagery sensors from GeoCue, the full range of integrated drone surveying systems from Microdrones, and LP360 LiDAR & photogrammetry 3D point cloud software.

“We have been providing unmanned equipment to our customers for years, and as the technology shifts, we’ve recognized the need to create a separate division within Kuker-Ranken to best support robotics as a solution for our customers, whether air, sea, or land-focused. Whether it’s flying, or terrestrial robotics supporting scanning equipment, we are deeply focused on providing these solutions and training to our customer base,” said Robert Lycke, president of Kuker-Ranken.

Customer focus is one of the main priorities for the team at Kuker Ranken, which is fully demonstrated by Brady Reisch, the Virtual Design and Construction Reality Capture specialist.

“We stand apart from a lot of our competition because we provide solutions that are fully encompassing,” Reisch explains. “That includes the software, hardware, and training our customers need to satisfy their clients. We have 24/7 customer support. You're able to call in at any time of the day and we will be back in touch with you so that we can get you up and running as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to wait for the next business day.”

The best technology

The Kuker Ranken vision statement is “To be the leader in supplying the highest quality in customer service and technology.” That means the KR team only supplies the best solutions for their customers. Douglas Spotted Eagle, the Chief Revenue Officer at Kuker Ranken, explains that his team evaluates equipment to ensure it meets the KR standards. “One of the things we've done, that's a great benefit to our customers, is we've tested all the different LIDAR sensors that are out. Whether they’re starting at the $30,000 entry price level or up to $350,000 with the REIGL systems that are available, we feel confident, based on our experiments and tests that we've performed, we're able to offer the best solutions at the best price point at the best performance level for whatever our customers are looking for.“

Kuker Ranken recommends LP360 LiDAR and Photogrammetry 3D Point Cloud Processing Software

That’s why Kuker Ranken partnered with GeoCue and Microdrones.  “We carry several different aerial robotics or UAS systems that are out there,” Douglas said. “We recommend the Microdrones system over pretty well anything else when we're involved in LIDAR inspection work, partly because it is a fantastic product. It's really well-built. It performs as expected, and the foundation of the company at Microdrones and GeoCue is solid. If you've got a technical support issue, need an upgrade, or need anything done, in particular with the equipment, Microdrones, and GeoCue are there to take care of it with us.”

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