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How to Get Great Support in LP360

The New Upload to Support Feature Simplifies Sharing Files With Support 

New Support Feature for Quickly Sharing Files

LP360 LiDAR & photogrammetry 3D point cloud software introduces a convenient new feature called "Upload to Support," streamlining the process of sharing files with the GeoCue customer support team. This feature eliminates the need for third-party data sharing websites or FTP, offering users the option to use either LP360 Cloud or LP360 Desktop. Within the software's ribbon, a dedicated Support tab now includes an "Upload to Support" button. Clicking on this button opens a dialog where users can effortlessly select a folder from their local computer, containing any type of data. Below is a tutorial video, demonstrating how to use this new feature:

Upload to Support

Should users encounter an issue with the a file processed in their cycle, they can easily select the entire cycle and share it with the GeoCue support team for assistance. The feature simplifies the sharing process, eliminating the need for users to manually zip files, endure lengthy uploads on external websites, and then share links with customer support. With LP360's new feature, the entire process is automated, making it hassle-free for users to seek professional help and advice from GeoCue customer support.

If the Upload to Support tab does not resolve your issue, you've got support options with GeoCue. Whether you prefer online or telephone assistance, we've got you covered. To request online support, visit our support page at www.GeoCue.com or drop us an email at support@lp360.com. We'll make sure to acknowledge your online support request within 4 hours during business hours or by the first 4 hours of the next business day.

For telephone support, ring us up at the main GeoCue phone number (256) 461-8289. Keep in mind, our support team might not be instantly available, but you can expect a return call within 4 hours during business hours or by the first 4 hours of the next business day.

Once you've reached out, we're committed to providing a full response to your issue within 3 business days. Just note that some online support requests might not follow the exact response timeline mentioned earlier. We're here and ready to assist whenever you need us!