How to get started with Drone Surveying

Do you need to add drone surveying equipment to your surveying toolbox?  Professional Drone LiDAR and Drone Photogrammetry is more accessible and affordable than ever with Microdrones as a Service.  Watch this brief video in the player below to see how easy it can be to get started with Microdrones as a Service (mdaaS). 


What is mdaaS?

mdaaS stands for Microdrones as a Service.

mdaaS is everything you need to do drone surveying the right way. It includes the hardware and software needed to take your geospatial workflow to the next level

With convenient packages and payment options that allow you to either RENT, BUY, PAY AS YOU GO or SUBSCRIBE, drone surveying has never been so accessible.

In fact, you can get started with mdaaS for as low as $935 USD a month!

So what’s the best plan for you? Just go through 3 easy steps to find out.

STEP 1: First choose your system. A qualified Microdrones representative can help you select the most effective fully integrated system, from our GE industrial drone line or the Microdrones expert drone line depending on your needs. 

STEP 2: Next, decide how you want to pay for your survey equipment?

You can choose to BUY IT, meaning you outright own the system, but are responsible for full maintenance and upgrades. Or you might prefer to RENT IT, which mean you enjoy our convenient hardware as a service agreement and Microdrones handles maintenance and upgrades.

STEP 3: Choose the best plan option to process your data in mdInfinity, our robust data processing and analytics software.

You can either PAY AS YOU GO using a token-based approach, only paying for processing services as you need them or you can SUBSCRIBE and choose from our LIDAR or photogrammetry plans. 

Whether you want to RENT or BUY your drone surveying equipment or PAY AS YOU GO or SUBSCRIBE to access our powerful data processing software, mdInfinity. We have a solution to fit your needs and help you start collecting data in the field faster, safer and more accurately. To learn more contact a Microdrones sales person to schedule a meeting today.