Drones for Surveying

How to Unbox, Assemble, and Take Off with the EasyOne

See how quickly you can get the EasyOne Drone LiDAR System ready to deploy

In this video, we'll show you just how easy it is to unbox, assemble, and get ready for takeoff with the EasyOneLiDAR Drone LiDAR System. Say goodbye to large cases, and the complexities of traditional LiDAR equipment; it's time to embrace a smaller, safer, and incredibly user-friendly solution.

The EasyOne is our best LiDAR drone surveying equipment ever. Built upon our 4th-gen drone technology, all EasyOne systems are more compact, more optimized, lighter, safer and more efficient. This system delivers integration unmatched in the drone surveying industry, making it easier than ever for you to plan, fly, collect, process and visualize your geospatial data projects.

EasyOne features a significantly smaller operational form factor with the same payload capacity of the md4-1000 platform. In addition to a smaller operational form factor, the EasyOne packs down even smaller, fitting the drone, remote, charger, two batteries and the payload into a protective storage case that’s small and light enough to bring anywhere.

Choose the system that best suits your needs: The EasyOneLiDARUHR+EasyOneLiDARUHR, EasyOneLiDARUHR Lite, and the all new EasyOneLiDAR NDAA.

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