How to use Point Cloud Direct Colorization in mdInfinity

Learn how and why you should colorize a LiDAR Point Cloud in mdInfinity

Microdrones is pleased to announce a special webinar on how to use the mdInfinity Data Processing Module, Point Cloud Direct Colorization.  mdInfinity is our unique data processing software solution to help you quickly and efficiently process geospatial data.

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By using Point Cloud Direct Colorization in mdInfinity you can colorize a 3D point cloud without computing an orthophoto, directly from a set of geotagged images and LiDAR data.

mdInfinity’s point cloud colorization is done after the LiDAR point cloud generation, without the need for a full prior photogrammetric process. Occlusions in the point cloud are colorized by considering only the relevant part of the point cloud.

Point Cloud Direct Colorization in mdInfinity

The mdInfinity point cloud direct colorization (PCDC) is a direct method and a practical solution that is generic and can be used with LiDAR data and images coming from different campaigns or different systems.

When colorizing a point cloud for terrains with steep slopes or buildings, there are general occlusion effects. If the occlusion is not handled when colorizing a point cloud, an artifact called double mapping will arise on the results. The Point Cloud Direct Colorization module from mdInfinity uses a sophisticated method of occlusion management that works directly with the point cloud without requiring the generation of a DSM. 

In this webinar we will cover:

  • What is Point Cloud Direct Colorization? 
  • Why Use Point Cloud Direct Colorization?
  • Benefits and Advantages
  • The workflow and how to use it

To learn more, register for this informative webinar on Ground Classification or schedule a time to meet with one of our sales representatives today.