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Introducing LP360 PowerSearch: Your Personal Assistant for Data Management

Easily find your geospatial data with PowerSearch in LP360 Cloud

Managing geospatial data can be daunting, especially when you have numerous files scattered across various projects. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a personal assistant that could effortlessly sift through all your data and present you with precisely what you need? With LP360’s all-new PowerSearch, this becomes a reality!

In the video below, Stefanie Van-Wierts, the head of software development for LP360, demonstrates the cutting-edge LP360 PowerSearch—a new tool that acts as your personal assistant to effortlessly navigate through geospatial data. Discover how this cloud-based solution and metadata search can very efficiently speed up your data management process. Don’t miss out on the power of LP360 PowerSearch:


PowerSearch acts like a virtual search assistant, simplifying the process of exploring geospatial data. Gone are the days of manually sifting through files to find specific geolocated points on a map section. Now, you can outline an area on the map, and PowerSearch will swiftly return every file containing geolocated points within that section.

Embracing the power of the cloud, LP360’s PowerSearch takes data exploration to new heights. The cloud-based solution means you no longer need to navigate your file-folders manually. Instead, let the cloud handle the heavy lifting, and you can focus on more critical tasks at hand.

With PowerSearch, simply draw a grid to find any data files you’ve created

One of the standout features of LP360 PowerSearch is its ability to search through geospatial files using metadata. This advanced search capability allows you to easily filter and refine your search results. Whether you’re looking for specific timestamps, geographical coordinates, or any other metadata attribute, PowerSearch can effortlessly narrow down your search and save you valuable time.

Benefits of using LP360 PowerSearch

Enhanced Efficiency: Say goodbye to hours wasted on manual data exploration. PowerSearch streamlines the process and delivers accurate results quickly. This newfound efficiency means you can allocate your time more productively.

Precise Data Management: With PowerSearch’s metadata-based search, organizing and managing your geospatial project data becomes a breeze. This tool empowers you to sort and categorize files based on relevant attributes, ensuring a well-organized and easily accessible data repository.

Seamlessly Integrate with Workflows: LP360 PowerSearch seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, making it a valuable addition to your geospatial toolkit. Whether you’re a GIS professional, surveyor, or environmental scientist, this powerful search tool can enhance your data exploration process significantly.

Select from various filters to search for your data

Bring the capabilities of a personal assistant to your data exploration with LP360 PowerSearch. Its cloud-based efficiency, coupled with metadata-based searches, maximizes the way you interact with geospatial data. Save time, enhance organization, and streamline your workflows with this cutting-edge solution. Experience the power of LP360 PowerSearch and take control of your geospatial projects like never before!

For more information on how to start using PowerSearch in LP360 Cloud, contact one of our helpful representatives today.