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Is a Van an Ambulance?

Mike Dziok

What’s the real value of drones for commercial use? In theory, that’s an easy answer:

Carrying purpose-driven payloads that are properly integrated with the drone’s aerial capabilities to perform a specific task.

In order to qualify as a serious tool for mining, construction, surveying or agriculture, a drone must be adapted and integrated with sensors and geospatial hardware. These industries are being revolutionized, not by drones, but by smart integration of drones with sensors that take advantage of a drone’s ability to smoothly carry payloads high above the earth. For many jobs, traditional manned aircraft are overkill- integrated drones provide a more efficient alternative for mapping smaller areas of land.

As a decision maker, you’ve probably thought about what you might accomplish faster, better or more efficiently by deploying a drone… but what you really need to be thinking about deploying is a complete mapping package.

drone does not perform tasks or solve business problems.

A drone is simply an aircraft…a flying robot.

So, unless your task is simply to fly for the fun of it, buying a drone is not going to improve your workflow.

Although it sounds like we’re mincing words and phrases here, there’s an important distinction between a drone and a complete mapping package.

Is a van an ambulance?

A complete mapping package integrates a flying platform (drone) with a payload (application specific sensors and accessories) that are designed to complete a specific task.

As a comparison, let’s think of a “utility van” and an “ambulance.”

A cargo van, driven off the lot, would make a terrible ambulance:

  • It would have a bumpy ride.
  • It would lack seating for transporting the injured.
  • It would have rough handling, and
  • The naked insides would be devoid of the necessary medical equipment to treat the injured.

Of course, a good, sturdy van equipped with heavy suspension, a high payload capacity, adequate tuning and horsepower provides a minimal basis to be transformed into a functional ambulance.

By integrating said van with proper restraints, seating, bedding, auxiliary electrical power, oxygen and medical equipment, the van becomes an effective life preserving ambulance. It’s now an integrated solution, merging vehicle with payload.

Well… it’s the same deal with drones and complete mapping packages. A drone by itself is like a plain cargo van, eagerly awaiting integration to learn its destiny in life. Of course, not all drones are the same and you want to start with one that is stable, resistant to rough conditions and resilient to harsh weather.

mdMapper packages from Microdrones provide a complete mapping solution.

The mdMapper lineup from Microdrones builds on the world’s first commercial drone platform and integrates that with product and feature sets to meet the needs of geospatial professionals.

Trimble dealers worldwide are now offering these complete solutions that include aircraft, sensors, and software – everything companies need for aerial mapping:

  • mdMapper200
  • mdMapper1000
  • mdMapper1000DG
  • accessory kits (Some of the available options include inspection, multispectral, thermal, and soon LiDAR and methane gas detection kits.)

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