Join the LP360 Users Club: Showcasing Your Geospatial Projects

The LP360 Users Club Video Series Showcases Geospatial Professionals and Data Processing

Are you using LP360 to get the most out of your data? Then we want you to be part of "The LP360 Users Club," an engaging monthly video series spotlighting your innovative geospatial projects, datasets, and point cloud files processed using LP360 3D point cloud software.

We invite all our valued users, including professionals from GeoCue, Microdrones, and our diverse customer base, to share intriguing projects, data sets, and point clouds from LP360 for LiDAR and photogrammetry processing. This is your chance to showcase your expertise and unique insights while demonstrating the power and versatility of LP360.

To get started, we have the first edition of "The LP360 Users Club," featuring Jordan McGehee from McGehee Engineering, demonstrating the advantages of using LP360 for ground classification and sharing expert tips and tricks for seamless data processing. In this exclusive video, Jordan showcases the software's user-friendly interface and its effectiveness in identifying outlier points, making data cleanup an effortless task.

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"The LP360 Users Club" aims to offer a platform for users like you to present your projects and walkthroughs, highlighting the various tools, features, and tips employed to effortlessly process and analyze geospatial data. Whether you've encountered an interesting dataset or point cloud, or if you've completed a fascinating project using LP360, we want to feature your work!

How can you participate? It's simple! Share your datasets, point cloud files, or interesting projects with us. Then each month, we’ll share interesting projects from our sales team, distributors, or customers. These submissions will be transformed into engaging, short videos, where you'll provide explanations and walkthroughs using LP360. Don't worry about the technical side—we'll handle the recording and editing ensuring a seamless and professional presentation of your work.

By participating in "The LP360 Users Club," not only can you highlight your achievements and expertise within the geospatial community, but you'll also contribute to showcasing the user-friendly nature and advanced capabilities of LP360 software.

Join us in this exciting endeavor to celebrate your projects and insights! to submit your datasets or projects for consideration. Stay tuned to our news blogs, YouTube channels, and social media accounts for updates and announcements about the series.

If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, please schedule a meeting with one of our software experts to get the answers you’re looking for.