Learn about Drone Surveying at the next local Microdrones World Stop

The Microdrones World Tour is on the road attending trade shows, conferences, and demonstrations in local areas where it is safe to do so and abiding by all regional guidelines and social distancing measures. Our team members were happy to participate in these events to make new introductions and introduce professionals to our drone surveying equipment.


Jesus Zenteno, Sales Manager for Microdrones Latin America, attended the 5th annual Discoveries Mining Conference 2020. The event was held in Guadalajara, Jalisco and its mission is to contribute to the ongoing development of Mexico’s mineral resources and to highlight the three-part ecosystem of the mining sector: Exploration, Innovation, and Development.

Throughout the event, the Microdrones team was focused on increasing the brand awareness and the presence of Microdrones in the mining industry and in Mexico as a whole by interacting with executives, champions, and other key individuals involved in purchasing key equipment and supplies for the mining industry.

“It was great to meet and greet people at the conference and talk to them one-on-one about our products and drone surveying equipment,” explained Zenteno. “I also noticed that we received more valid inquiries since those in attendance were interested in new opportunities to grow or expand their business while many of the usual curiosity-seekers opted to stay home.  We were able to get some real leads from this event which is very exciting for this growing industry.”

Hanno Truter attends a session at the Drones and Unmanned Aviation Conference

Drones and Unmanned Aviation Conference: November 24-25

Hanno Truter, Sales Manager for Microdrones Africa, attended the Drones and Unmanned Aviation Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa where attendees were able to explore not only the challenges but the opportunities that are presented by drones and how industrial operations are being revolutionized by the innovative technologies in UAV applications. At the event, the Microdrones team exhibited the mdLiDAR1000 aaS and Truter completed a presentation on “Mining and Survey Drones: Changing Trends in the Industry.”

The conference was well attended by delegates from Southern African countries, ranging from Geomatics Specialists, Mining Engineers, Surveyors, Remote Sensing Specialists, Geologists, Farmers & Crop Consultants, Power & Utilities Companies, Infrastructure Project Managers – Railroads, Bridges, Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration companies to name a few.

“Walking away from the conference, it was refreshing to discuss how surveying drones and technology are opening airspaces for professionals in a variety of new and exciting applications,” says Truter. “Integrated systems from Microdrones are increasing crop yields, making dangerous jobs safer, and helping increase efficiencies in mining, agriculture, and surveying. 

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