Drones for Construction

Mapping Drones from Microdrones help Digitize Roof Construction

The Siegburg start-up ClickBuild wants to digitize and automate the entire roof renovation process by using satellite images and drone-based measurements taken with integrated systems from Microdrones.

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The Siegburg-based start-up ClickBuild has developed a platform that digitizes and automates the entire roof renovation process - from the initial customer contact to measurements, price comparisons, preparation of offers and invoicing. The feedback from preliminary customers who are already using ClickBuild is very promising: “In the past, tradespeople needed several days just to prepare an offer - today it only takes a few minutes. You can also get suppliers’ prices with just one click - while you are still on the construction site,” reports ClickBuild’s Karolina Kambouris. 


While other software providers only map sub-areas of project handling under construction, ClickBuild automates the entire roof renovation process in just a few clicks. Houses are measured using satellite images and, automatically and within a few minutes, initial offers that include building material calculations are created.  "As a craftsman, I want to concentrate fully on my project and not spend weeks with mountains of paper before I can even start," explains Stephan Wierig. As a civil engineer and managing director of Wierig Profiltechnik, a company that specializes in the roof renovation of industrial halls, Wierig knows the needs and pain points of his target group very well. That’s why he founded the ClickBuild platform as a joint venture in September 2018 with the fastening technology manufacturer EJOT. "With ClickBuild we have built a bridge to the digital future because we know that digital processes create relief, security and the opportunity to finally concentrate on the craft again," explains Wierig.

ClickBuild is characterized by a simple, intuitive setup so that the user can get started within a few minutes using basic information. In addition, personal onboarding is performed by the ClickBuild team, which has wealth of industry experience. The first satellite image is followed by a roof measurement accurate to the millimeter performed by an mdMapper1000DG drone from the Siegen surveying specialist Microdrones. An additional Sony RxRII camera with 40 megapixels is mounted on this. “With this and a good lens, we get the necessary depth of field so that we can create the models with an accuracy of up to 1 centimeter,” reports Wierig.

By combining the satellite imagery and the data measurements collected from the Microdrones system, ClickBuild automatically creates a digital construction of the roof. From this information, they can provide a cost estimate, including a calculation of the required building materials. In doing so, the platform takes into account different suppliers costs and estimates. “Our offer preparation is based on configurators. This means that we have preconfigured the most common roof shapes, which speeds up the entire quotation process,” says Wierig. All complex processes run in the background. The user does not have to enter any product data or service texts, which also saves time.

ClickBuild uses the mdMapper1000DG to collect accurate roof measurements for construction.

One platform for everyone

"Via ClickBuild we can map the entire project management", says civil engineer and managing director Wierig. Once a project has started, the user can monitor the progress via the dashboard. The project schedule is based on a Gantt chart and can be customized. It shows dependencies and links that have an impact on deliveries and project timing. Project control and assembly management are also performed in real time via a Gantt chart, which documents the course of the project and gives everyone involved insight into the current status of construction.

"ClickBuild is not just a platform for the roofer himself, but for everyone involved in the project - from the supplier to the site manager," explains Wierig. “The plan is to open the platform to clients as well – right from the start at the project planning stage. In this way we create maximum transparency here, too." The user can organize the billing for the project via ClickBuild, either as a flat rate or based on measurements, i.e., as billing based on the progress of construction.

B2B platform for the construction industry

The goal of the Siegburg-based start-up is quite ambitious: "With a high level of customer focus, we are creating a practical B2B platform for all trades in the construction industry," says Kambouris. Managing director Wierig adds: "We will expand the existing configurators for other roof variants on the platform." At the same time, he wants to take the step towards private roof renovation and is planning to "open the platform to other trades, for example for the building facade trade." Together with his team, Wierig is currently looking for pilot customers from various trades in order to jointly create practical extensions of services. His vision: “We want to create a B2B platform for the construction industry that sets quality standards for which all users are proud to be a part of. ClickBuild should become a synonym for efficient and high-quality crafts.”

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