md4-1000: Guarding Angel Of Gas Field

Located in the northeastern part of Sichuan Province, Puguang Gas Field is carpeted with stretching pipelines that are inspection-unfriendly due to complicated terrains.

To facilitate the inspection of pipelines, Puguang has introduced a UAV-based inspection system to inspect such key parts as truss, crossing and spanning and gathering pipelines. Lately, this UAV-based inspection system has begun its trial flights. Although this is not its official first day of work due to the pending license (permit to fly), it sure demonstrates what it’s capable of!

As a source in the field disclosed, after coming into official use, md4-1000 inspection system can realize live video feed to different command centers, including Puguang Frontline, Dazhou Base, Gas Field Office and Beijing Headquarter, allowing dead-angle-free pipeline inspection.