mdCockpit Webinar: Important updates due to Android data Protection

Professionals who use Microdrones survey equipment appreciate the ease, functionality and control from mdCockpit, the industry-leading app from Microdrones to plan, monitor, change, and control your flights right from your tablet. The latest improvements give the user more flexibility, flight control and safety options.

Due to the Android data protection policy, the mdCockpit folder and contents will be transferred to a hidden location on the tablet. File transfer will only be available within the app. Watch the webinar presentation below to preview the update and answer any questions about the changes in the user's workflow.

mdCockpit 2021.4 Update

The webinar focuses on how the Android migration will affect the way files will be transferred within the app since the user will no longer have access to the mdCockpit legacy folder.

In this webinar learn about the:

  • Migration of mdCockpit folder data
  • New import and export feature
  • mdCockpit folder backup feature
  • Uninstall the app while keeping your data

Migration of mdCockpit folder data

After updating to mdCockpit version 2021.4, when the user opens the app, they will be prompted by the Migration dialog. A list of files contained in the mdCockpit folder located on the internal storage of the tablet will be transferred to a hidden location. Here’s the list of the files that will be transferred during the migration.

  • BlackBox
  • ElevationData
  • FlightMission
  • MissionPlan (only .json files)
  • Layers
  • Maps
  • TelemetryLog

Once the migration is completed, the user will receive the confirmation and also mdCockpit legacy folder will be renamed to mdCockpit – Migrated.

New import and export feature

New import and export options are now available in mdCockpit to manage the files within the app. These options include:

  • Import a custom elevation source.
  • Import a KML as background layer.
  • Import a mission.
  • Export KML.
  • Import a KML as a survey polygon or a corridor.
  • Import a waypoint script from an external location.
  • Export of a CSV, mission, and waypoint script.
  • Import a mission log.

Backup mdCockpit folder feature

There is also a backup feature in order to get a copy of mdCockpit folder at any time. The output will be a zip file accessible through the internal storage. This is the list of the folders that should be included:

  • BlackBox
  • CommunicationLogs
  • ElevationData/UserData
  • FlightMission
  • Layers
  • MissionPlan
  • TelemetryLogs

This feature will be useful for our Customer Support if they need to diagnose an issue with mdCockpit, the payload, or the drone.

Uninstall the app while keeping your data

Finally, Android gives you the option to keep the mdCockpit data even if you uninstall the app. Upon uninstalling mdCockpit you will be prompted with a message to save your data.

Downloading the mdCockpit app onto your Android tablet is easy. Click the image above or visit our page in the Google Play store.

To learn more CLICK HERE to speak with a Microdrones sales representative.