mdOS 4.40: The Latest Version of the Microdrones Operating System has been Released

At Microdrones, our #1 goal is to provide complete UAV solutions for commercial applications that perfectly meet the needs of our users. To achieve this objective requires that we listen closely to our customers and strive for continual improvement, updating our operating systems and software frequently to better meet user needs.

Our latest operating system upgrade, mdOS 4.40, has been released. This version of the operating system took nearly one year to develop. There are many changes that will improve the operation of existing systems and the integration of future ones.

While most changes won’t be noticeable for users, some will make an obvious difference, including:

  • new safety features
  • improved resume flight functionality
  • a go-to-selected-waypoint feature
  • better navigation, speed, and braking.

Some of these features were requested by our users.


How to Get mdOS 4.40 and Other Updates

We encourage all users to upgrade to the new operating system. Upgrading is quick and easy.

To download mdOS 4.40, log into the Clients Only section of the Microdrones website. If you have not already registered your drone in the Clients Only section, you will need to complete that simple process first.

Have questions? Fill out a ticket in the Clients Only section or contact your Microdrones representative.

Note: Once you have updated to mdOS 4.40, please do not downgrade back to mdOS 4.32 without consulting a Microdrones technician, as some parameters have changed.