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mdOS 4.42: Q & A on our Latest Firmware Update

This week, Microdrones released a new version of its operating system – mdOS 4.42. This comes just months after the release of mdOS 4.40. Development Engineer, Stefan Schuch, is with us to answer your questions. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to

Sara: Hi, Stefan! Thanks for sitting down with us! You and your team have been busy!

Stefan: We sure have.

Sara: So tell us about the new operating system and why this one is being released so soon after mdOS4.40.

Stefan: There was a minor issue with mdOS4.40 and we wanted to correct it immediately. In less than 15% of flights longer than 20 minutes, the internal barometric height filter will fail and switch over to a backup filter. However, because it is a backup safety filter, the aircraft cannot continue to operate in waypoint mode and the user must land and restart the drone to fly in waypoint mode.

Sara: And this issue is now fixed?

Stefan: Yes. It now operates perfectly.

Sara: Why was this issue not discovered before the release of mdOS 4.40?

Stefan: The backup filter works so well and the issue occurs in such a small percentage of flights that, despite extensive testing of the new operating system, the issue was not discovered. One of our test pilots recently uncovered the issue.
Sara: So your team fixed it immediately?

Stefan: Yes. As far as we know, only one customer has encountered the issue so far. However, we wanted to correct it right away so we made it our top priority. Microdrones has a very dedicated team of engineers who are committed to quality and, above all else, improving the customer experience. The team bent over backward to fix the issue quickly.

Sara: Great job! How should users go about getting the new operating system?

Stefan: It is very quick and easy. All they need to do is log in to the clients only section of the Microdrones website and download. The process is very simple, but if they have any problems, they can also fill out a support ticket and someone from our team will get back to them right away.

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