mdSolutions Team Mapped Full Dam in Canada Without Having to Establish Ground Control Points

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The Microdrones team discusses mdSOLUTIONS, the product development team at Microdrones. Microdrones solutions start with a real customer need out in the field, where they are developed, tested and proven.

mdSolutions is the product development team at Microdrones. Rather than developing just a drone, this team packages a perfectly integrated system consisting of:

  • the right workflow for the user to acquire good data
  • flight mission planning
  • deliverables including digital surface models

What does the market want? What the is the market demanding? The mdSolutions team at Microdrones can respond to these questions with agility and innovation.

There are many success stories of using drones for aerial mapping. One of which is mapping a full dam in Canada. Because of hazards, it was prohibited to establish ground control points on the dam, yet there was a necessity to map and analyze the structure.

Microdrones provided an excellent mapping product. A few hours of flying and data processing produced a pointcloud mapping product. It was the perfect solution for the job.

At Microdrones, the goal is always to empower customers to deliver the best possible work while cutting costs, saving time, and completing projects more easily.

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