Meet Chuck Dorgan: Your UAV Expert for the United States

Did you know Microdrones has expert sales representatives positioned around the globe, ready to help customers who want to get started using unmanned systems? We wanted to give potential customers a chance to get to know a little about their local UAV Experts.

Sara Furlong, Microdrones content marketing manager, interviewed sales director Chuck Dorgan to introduce those in the United States to the person who can help them get off the ground.

Sara:     Hi, Chuck. Thanks for sitting down with us. Can we start off by talking about your experience and what you did before you entered the drone industry?

Chuck:  Sure! I worked for a large technology corporation for 16 years. During 14 of those, I worked in different positions, from project manager to pricing manager and for a long time I worked as the engineering and technical support manager. For the other two years, most recently, I worked for sales. I’m glad I made that transition because being successful in sales there allowed me the opportunity to work in sales for Microdrones.

Sara:     So I take it you consider this a good change?

Chuck:     Absolutely! Microdrones is the most exciting place I’ve ever worked. It is very fun and satisfying working with a brand new, emerging technology with so much potential. Drones are the future and it’s great to be a part of this industry.

Sara:     Glad to hear you’re enjoying the UAV industry. What else do you like about your job?

Chuck:     As a salesperson, it is awesome to be in a position to offer such great technology to clients that can produce such positive change for them. Our mdMapper solutions are the best mapping platform available. It is gratifying to be able to help customers address their challenges, work more accurately, efficiently, and safely, and ultimately grow their business.

Sara:     What would your advice be for a company that is interested in getting started with making drones a part of their business?

Chuck:     That’s easy – understand your customers’ needs before you begin the process of considering your options.  You want to have an in-depth conversation about what they (and you) are trying to accomplish to ensure the solution will work well for them.

Sara:     What do you do when you’re not showing people drones?

Chuck:     When I’m not meeting with customers I’m probably either on stage or outside. I’m a guitarist/singer for a band I’ve been in for years called Master Thieves. And the rest of the time I’m outdoors, canoeing, camping, hunting with my girlfriend and our dog, Wilson.

Sara:      How should people with questions about drones get in touch with you? (When you’re not being a rock star or master outdoorsman.)

Chuck:     (Laughing) They can call me at (315) 727-6382 extension 501 or e-mail