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Meet the all new EasyOne Drone LiDAR System and Miles Kelly

In this video, Miles Kelly shares his passion for drone surveying and explains how the all new EasyOne will change the game for field work in the drone industry.

Microdrones has recently announced the appointment of Miles Kelly as the new Business Development Manager. Miles has been involved in the drone industry for the past decade, working in various roles including field work, working for civil engineering and surveying companies, distributors, and US manufacturers. Now, Miles is excited to bring his expertise to Microdrones and help introduce the all-new EasyOne drone LIDAR system. Learn more about Miles and the all new EasyOne in the video below:

Kelly's experience in the drone industry includes working for civil engineering and civil surveying companies, distributors, and US manufacturers. In his new role at Microdrones, he is eager to share his knowledge with customers and help them find the best solutions fit for their needs. He was drawn to the company due to his passion for the product, having sold Microdrones and GeoCue systems for the past year and a half. Kelly has not only developed a passion for the product but also for the customers that the product helps at the end of the day.

The EasyOne drone Lidar system is a product that Kelly is particularly excited about. He notes that its portability in a small-form factor is what really sets it apart. "Nothing can compare to being able to have a fully-integrated solution, especially a LIDAR solution, and be able to tote with you into the field," Kelly says.

Gone are the days of needing a larger vehicle to transport your drone surveying equipment. EasyOne packs down into a protective case that is 31.69” x 15.94” x 15.75” (805 mm x 405 mm x 400 mm).

He also mentions that one of the most unique elements of EasyOne is its fully self-contained nature. The system is compact and robust, with an advanced battery system. Furthermore, he thinks that customers will appreciate that it is also capable of high-speed performance, flying at 12 meters per second. This is a significant advantage in terms of time savings in the field. The EasyOne also offers an impressive payload capacity, with the ability to carry the same weight as the previous md4-1000 platform.

Miles believes that the EasyOne will offer many opportunities for businesses and individuals looking to expand their surveying capabilities and complete projects in a more efficient and effective manner. "I think it's going to offer a lot of customization as far as workflows go for people, and I think creativity can take them to the next level," he says. "With the EasyOne, you can be as creative as far as your imagination will allow you for the different types of projects you can approach."

The EasyOne sets up quickly and efficiently

We hope you get the opportunity to work with Miles Kelly, the new Business Development Manager at Microdrones, since he brings a wealth of experience and passion to the company. He is particularly excited to introduce the all-new EasyOne drone Lidar system, which offers a unique combination of portability, optimization, and payload capacity. Please join us in welcoming Miles. If you would like more information on the all-new EasyOne, please schedule a time to talk with one of our helpful sales representatives.