Microdrones and Optron present at Association of Mining Surveyors of Zimbabwe Annual Meeting

Last week, Microdrones and OPTRON attended the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Mining Surveyors of Zimbabwe.

Held in Mutare, Zimbabwe the event was attended by 43 mining and surveying professionals as well as two delegates from the Ministry of Mines. 

This year's conference theme was Opportunities and Challenges of New Technologies.  This made a perfect forum to demonstrate the lineup of fully integrated drone systems from Microdrones.

According to The AMSZ, "Mine surveying is a branch of mining science and technology. It includes all measurements, calculations and mapping which serve the purpose of ascertaining and documenting information at all stages from prospecting to exploitation and utilizing mineral deposits both by surface and underground working."

The organization describes in more detail the principal activites of mine surveying as:

  • The interpretation of the geology of mineral deposits in relation to the economic exploitation thereof
  • The investigation and negotiation of mineral mining rights
  • Making and recording, and calculations of mine surveying measurements
  • Mining cartography
  • Investigation and prediction of effects of mine working on the surface and underground strata
  • Mine planning in the context of local environment and subsequent rehabilitation

The Microdrones team was proud to be a part of this event and we look forward to working with mining professionals throughout the region!

As you might imagine, having the right drone, sensors, software, workflow and training can be an incredible benefit to this line of work. Are you thinking about making drones a part of your business?

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