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Microdrones and Schübeler Technologies Innovate UAV Manufacturing

During late 2018, Microdrones merged with Schübeler Technologies, providing access to a full lineup of robust turbo fans, jets, compressors, pumps, electric motors, carbon fiber and aluminum composites to further distinguish their advanced UAV systems such as the mdLiDAR3000, mdLiDAR1000 and the mdMapper1000DG.

In the video below, take a peek inside Schübeler Technologies at the manufacturing process, workflow, and learn how the company compliments Microdrones.

As the preferred provider of VTOL solutions to Trimble Dealers worldwide, Microdrones provides Schübeler Technologies with access to a global sales force and distribution network as well as technical centers and production sites spanning 7 countries and 3 continents. Daniel Schübeler, founder and CEO of Schübeler Technologies explains, “The merger with Microdrones brought us many new perspectives and empowers us to develop and deliver systems where we can best support customers locally. Furthermore, we can continue to focus on research and development.”

Daniel was an original founding partner in Microdrones and helped develop the pioneering technology that helped Microdrones gain global recognition as the first professional VTOL UAVs. He adds, “Both of these companies have enjoyed global growth and impressive technological advancements independently- merging our talents and teams will yield amazing solutions in the years to come.”

In addition to expanding the Microdrones team and family of products, the merged companies have retained the Schübeler Technologies brand, which commands a niche’ audience of serious aeromodelling enthusiasts. Schübeler Technologies will continue to serve these markets as well as tackle large scale custom R&D projects related to propulsion and materials.

Sandro Pinent, COO of Schübeler Technologies, adds “I think Microdrones will help us to develop our ducted fan system to a higher professional level. The companies fit so perfectly together that our working integration phase was very short and very efficient. So, I see in the future even more opportunities for integrated processes for our UAV applications.

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