Microdrones Attends Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2017 in London

The Microdrones Team was pleased to participate inthe 8th Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2017 in London. Sven Juerss was part of a roundtable discussion and addressed ways to make drones more connected and commercially viable for safe operations using digital networks.

The event revealed many new enabling technologies that are about to hit the market. According to Juerss, “What especially stands out for us are the new methods of multimedia communication and interaction via LiTRA (LTE integrated Trunked Radio) Networks that will finally give a set of great tools into the hands of public safety and first responders all over the world.”

Construction companies and mining operators (just to name two examples) will enjoy new opportunities to improve their communication infrastructure significantly based on LiTRA networks.

“We also want to say that we are very positively impressed about the whole mobile broadband industry seeing drones as one of the key members of today’s and future 4G and 5G networks,” said Sven, adding, “we could not agree more about the importance and relevance of both technologies (MBB and UAV) to merge together to build up one of the most promising business ecosystems of several decades to come.”

Pictured Above: Sven Juerss holding one of the brand-new broadband LiTRA handset devices; in this photo, the device is receiving several live video streams from cameras that are installed throughout the event floorplan.