Microdrones CEO Discusses New Alliance with GE

Our marketing partner Marketscale featured Vivien Heriard Dubreuil, CEO of Microdrones, on their drone B2B podcast Drones in America to talk about the new partnership between Microdrones and GE which will see Microdrones bring GE’s Industrial drones to the market globally. The partnership is GE’s first foray into the commercial drone world, though they have been working on their own drones for years.

The episode is available to watch in the player below.


The licensing agreement highlights two of Microdrones’ key core competencies. First, they focus on industrial applications, which combine well with GE’s expertise, according to Dubreuil, and both companies share the vision for industrial applications powered by drones.

“We were bringing the expertise in terms of payload, drones, and data platform, but the industry’s knowledge, the need from the end-users is coming from GE,” Dubreuil said.

Microdrones is also good at addressing the needs of the land surveying companies, but working with GE takes them to another level and allows them to work with larger organizations. The industry moves incredibly fast, and most of the industry is less than five years old. Microdrones are built in a modular approach so fliers can upgrade and scale their operation and future-proof their equipment.

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