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Microdrones Complete Mapping Solutions Get Professionals off the Ground Faster

Mike Dziok

The mapping capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being noticed by business professionals all over the world for their versatility, efficiency, and accuracy. County land surveyors in Juniper Flats, California, for example, recently determined that the mapping functionalities of these technologically advanced UAVs not only reduced project times dramatically, but improved public safety and saved vast taxpayer dollars, as well.

To realize the tremendous value-added capabilities that UAVs equipped with mapping technology can offer, it is paramount that surveyors, engineers, and construction professionals have an effective way to effortlessly implement a UAV mapping and surveying solution. The Microdrones mdMapper family of solutions is a complete, advanced surveying and mapping product line with everything needed to get started and get the job done.

Microdrones high-tech UAVs with mdMapper technology deliver amazing benefits that will dramatically improve operational and business performance by:

  • Reducing overall project time;
  • Improving job safety by eliminating human exposure to high risk areas;
  • Delivering unmatched accuracy performance in less time;
  • Simplifying job planning so that it is accomplished in minutes;
  • Providing partner companies with the most advanced technology demanded by today’s consumers; and
  • Containing everything needed for commercial projects — a complete solution!

Microdrones takes UAV mapping even further with the addition of direct georeferencing, which removes the need for ground control points. By eliminating the placing and retrieving of ground control points, operational teams can perform mapping flights in less time without exposing personnel to potentially hazardous areas. In addition, with direct georeferencing, post-processing of data is streamlined, further expediting the process.

Microdrones mdMapper family of solutions is cutting edge UAV technology that has a wide range of benefits, including enhanced safety performance, increased data accuracy, optimized project timeline, and significantly decreased project costs. On top of that, Microdrones mdMapper’s complete solution enables surveying project teams with the ability to easily launch and operate this innovative technology in a variety of commercial applications.

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