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Microdrones FAQs – Direct Georeferencing

Mike Dziok

Direct Georeferencing (DG) is an extremely accurate and efficient technology for aerial positioning that delivers performance beyond that of RTK and PPK. As the use of drones continues to climb in the surveying, construction, mapping, oil/gas and engineering fields, many important questions are being asked about the capabilities of direct georeferencing.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding DG technology:

1. What is direct georeferencing?
Direct Georeferencing is a highly efficient method for connecting aerial images to their geographic positioning on the Earth’s surface. By measuring the true 3D coordinates and orientation angles of any sensor (with the use of a GNSS receiver and an Inertial Measuring Unit) DG allows for direct map production. DG surpasses the accuracy of traditional methods such as traditional aerial triangulation, RTK, and PPK.

2. How is DG superior to RTK and PPK?
RTK and PPK have inherent problems that reduce their accuracy, productivity and efficiency. Many of these problems are revealed upon a detailed analysis of their associated mathematical and scientific principles and calculations. One of the major factors for the reduced accuracy of RTK and PPK is the calculation of orientation angles of any sensor. DG actually measures the orientation angles of any imaging sensor with high accuracy and high frequency at 200Hz or more (200 times per second)

For more information on the science behind these differences, contact us. If you are new to these principles, the Microdrones team is happy to walk you through them!

3. What kind of accuracy can I achieve with an mdMapper1000DG system?
The level of accuracy can vary as influenced by altitude and system condition. Taking these factors into consideration, the mdMapper1000DG system typically achieves an accuracy of 1-2 centimeters in the X and Y directions and 3-5 centimeters in the Z direction. More information on the accuracy of mdMapper 1000DG can be found here.

4. Can direct georeferencing be used for corridor mapping such as roads, canals, power lines, railways, oil pipelines, etc.?
Absolutely! mdMapper1000DG delivers high accuracy mapping products for corridor mapping projects with no need for ground control points.

Watch a video demo of a corridor mapping mission or read about it here in xyHt: Microdrones® succeeds at Unexpected Corridor Mapping Request

5. Can I really stop using ground control points with mdMapper1000DG?
YES! Without the need for ground control points (GCPs), mdMapper1000DG facilitates expedited project completion. Note: Planning mapping missions is always situation dependent. The decision to use or omit GCPs/Check Points is driven by the specific situation or project. mdMapper1000DG users will enjoy the option of excluding GCPs.

Switching to a new technology comes with many questions and direct georeferencing is no exception. Once the technology is explained, the benefits, ease-of-use, and value to the professional become clear.

Microdrones’ innovative DG solution evolved the surveying and mapping industry in the right direction. Today, it is enabling surveying, mapping, construction, and engineering professionals to work smarter.

Are you looking for new and better ways to evolve your value and work? Click here to learn more about the capabilities of the Microdrones mdMapper1000DG!