Microdrones February World Tour Updates

The month of February has been a whirlwind of activity for the Microdrones sales team as they continue to make new contacts, meet with current customers and distributors, share new developments, success stories, and the Microdrones vision for the future of drone-enabled integrated mapping systems.  Here’s a few highlights from the 2020 Microdrones World Tour.

Geodesidagarna 2020: February 11-13

Sion Rowland, Microdrones sales manager for Europe, attended the Geodesidagarna 2020 trade show with 5D Teknik of Sweden, a consulting company offering measurement technology and project support to surveying, engineering and construction professionals throughout Sweden, Norway and Denmark. They are also a new distributor for Microdrones. The event was held at the Infra City Conference Center in Stockholm, Sweden.

Geodesidagarna 2020 is a trade show combined with interesting lectures and seminars for companies and surveying professionals to network with colleagues, business partners, suppliers and  other leading companies within the Geodesy market.

"We're excited to begin this relationship with 5D Teknik and expand the Microdrones presence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark," said Rowland. "From our experience at Geodesidagarna, we can see that 5D Teknik has many opportunities for their customers to take advantage of our integrated systems."

mdGeomeet in East Africa: February 17-18

The Microdrones team co-hosted a mdGeoMeet with distributor Gelom Technologies at the Old-Sereni Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya from February 17- 18. An mdGeomeet is an opportunity to meet with team members from Microdrones for a product presentation, workflow review and flight demonstration.  The event was well attended with 96 attendees in total and hosted by Hanno Truter, sales manager for Africa, and Jaume Cazorla Milla, Middle East regional manager at Microdrones.

Gelom Technologies is a regional leader in information security services and drones for financial institutions, construction and mining, precision agriculture, utilities, international organizations and the government.

Throughout the two-day event, morning and afternoon sessions focused on Surveying, Mapping & GIS, Construction & Mining, Utilities Inspection and Precision Agriculture.

Attendees came from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ethiopia from industries ranging from Mining, Civil Aviation, Forestry, Survey, Security

“Currently, Kenya has a total ban on the importation of drones,” explained Truter. “However, new regulation will be put in place at the end of April 2020. Hosting this event gave Microdrones a great opportunity to showcase our products and educate prospective customers about the uses of drones in various industries. It positioned us well for the future of drones in Kenya as we even made the national news and were interviewed by NTV Kenya.”

mdGeoMeet in Bavaria February 19-20

Members of the Microdrones team spent two days in Bavaria with our sales agent Attenberger for their first mdGeomeet event. In Bavaria, over 110 attendees participated in the presentation thanks to the partnership with Attenberger.

Josef Attenberger GmbH is one of the largest providers of surveying technology in Europe, offering surveying equipment, related accessories high quality goods and modern technology for over 65 years. They’ve partnered with Microdrones to offer UAV integrated mapping solutions for surveryors.

Representing Microdrones was Samuel Flick, Sales Manager for Germany, Sebastien Besting, Flight Operations Manager and Anke Schwarz, UAV pilot.  Together, they presented the Microdrones solutions, applications and demonstrated the easy use of our software and the data deliverables.

"We had a very good crowd who were enthusastic about implementing drones into the surveying workflow," said Flick. "Hosting an mdGeoMeet is an excellent opportunity to meet with decision makers, learn about their needs, and show them how Microdrones can make their business more efficient and profitable."

If you would like to see if the Microdrones World Tour will be making a stop near you soon, please visit our EVENTS CALENDAR for the latest schedule. If you're interested in learning more about our integrated systems, CLICK HERE to speak with one of our friendly representatives.