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Microdrones is Now Hiring- watch this Recruitment Webinar

Take your career to new heights with Microdrones.

Watch our global recruitment webinar to learn more about Microdrones, current job opportunities, where we have open positions and what it’s like to work for one of the world leaders in geospatial data collection and processing technologies.

Watch the Recruitment Webinar in the player below:

Working at Microdrones

If you’re interested in a career at a premiere global aerial mapping technology company, first you’ll want to learn more about the company. Microdrones provides fully integrated, aerial, end-to-end drone surveying equipment and is part of mdGroup, a leading technology company in aerial data collection equipment and data processing software. Schubeler Technologies and mdInfinity are also both a part of mdGroup. Schübeler Technologies develops and manufactures EDF-Systems for high performance, efficiency and reliability and mdInfinity software transforms aerial raw data into valuable high-quality digital twins. Together, these companies are united cooperatively by a mission to be the world leader in geospatial data collection and processing technologies.  

Currently, Microdrones employs more than 260 personnel, providing a sales, support and distribution network spanning six continents.

Eva Spexard, the Microdrones manager, HR EMEA & global recruiting is one of the main presenters in the recruitment webinar and offers her insight into working at Microdrones.

“We're much more than what many people know, like little drones for taking pictures or videos,” said Spexard. “That's not what we do. We really offer fully integrated solutions for geospatial professionals, and that brings our organization and development team to a completely different level than other solutions.”


Microdrones offices and representatives are located all over the world with our main locations being Vaudreuil-Dorion (Canada), Rome (US), Siegen and Paderborn (Germany), Toulouse (France), Dubai (UAE) and Foshan (China). But some of our positions (mainly Sales and Software Development) are very flexible in location and do not necessarily have to be performed out of one of our offices.

According to Spexard, there are many advantages to working for a global company. “We have a lot of different entities all over the world where people can work and we also have a lot of employees all over the world in countries where we don't have entities,” she explains. “That benefits many of our employees because you don't have to necessarily look for a specific location where you live. For example, in a software position or a sales position, we can discuss where you can be located to fulfill your role and responsibilities.


So, are you in the market for a new career right now or looking to expand your professional options?  Even though our job adverts are very specific and give you a clear idea of what the “ideal” candidate looks like, we are ALWAYS looking for the right people out there to join our journey! Therefore, the best time to apply is NOW! We might not have an open position for your profile right now but maybe in a month or two that will change. 

“We are really always looking for great people,” said Spexard. We have a lot of openings, but we are also looking for the right profile and people with the right motivation because we really believe in giving our employees the opportunity to grow and be a part of the Microdrones family.”

We're much more than what many people know, like little drones for taking pictures or videos. That's not what we do. We really offer fully integrated solutions for geospatial professionals, and that brings our organization and development team to a completely different level than other solutions.

Eva Spexard, Manager, HR EMEA & Global Recruiting

Career Choices

To see the current list of open positions, visit the Career Section at We are looking for motivated, energetic, perceptive and future-oriented people, that want to join us on our journey in the rapidly-growing aerospace industry with its infinite growth potential!

We offer positions in many different fields like Development (Software, Hardware), Flight Operations, Production, Sales and Back Office. Other openings at Microdrones can include:


Being at the forefront of aerial technology, geospatial data processing algorithms, and software means that our development team is always looking for the top talent in the industry.

“We have a really great development team and we have a lot of different skills that we're looking for,” said Spexard. “What's important to say when it comes to development, a lot of people don't apply because they don't have experience in the field of drone development or drone application development. That's definitely a mistake because it's such a new area that we don't expect you to have experience in our specific field. As long as you have experience with one of the different development areas that we're looking for, you should definitely apply and get into this really great field of new technology.”

Some of the skills we are looking for in our Development teams all over the world include:

  • Android Development (Strong design and coding skills (Java-Kotlin/Android)
  • Scrum / Agile Project Management
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Computer Science
  • C, C++, Software Architecture Concepts
  • Python, ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Data processing tools (MATLAB)

Why work for Microdrones

We like to think the thing that sets Microdrones apart from other companies is our people. Microdrones offers a multinational, passionate and all-inclusive environment where we appreciate the contribution of every single individual. We support each other, learn from each other and what connects us all together is the passion for innovative technology.

“I have been working in HR for Microdrones since 2017, and I really haven't seen that much great people in just one company, ever. So it's really, we offer such a diverse culture and such a diverse group of employees and colleagues. And that really helps every one of us to do our job better, to have fun at work, because that's an important topic as well.”

Another reason to work at Microdrones is the mission behind the company. Microdrones is at the forefront, partnering with companies to make their work safer, more profitable, more efficient, mor accurate, more effective – more amazing. We’re proud to help companies harness the power of UAVs to take their business to the next level.

At Microdrones you will be working in a modern, international environment. We offer flexible working hours, work from home options, support of your personal and professional development, language courses and company events to name just a few of our benefits.

Working in HR, Spexard understands the importance of good benefits. She explains, “We know that in the current world, as a company, you have to offer some benefits to make sure that your employees can have a healthy work life balance, that they have the opportunity to grow and that they can work in a really modern setup. It's not about the time, it's about getting your job done.”

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If you’re ready to take your career to new heights with Microdrones, visit our Career section online or email

“I'm very available for any question in terms of recruitment,” Says Spexard. “That's usually the easiest way because that's where you reach my whole team. We look forward to hearing from you.”