Specialist inspecting a construction site using a md4-1000 drone and a tablet.
| Rome, USA

Microdrones mdCockpit App Makes Flight Planning a Breeze

Mike Dziok

For commercial applications, flight planning is a critical element of utilizing advanced UAV technology. And considering the high-tech nature of drones, potential users are often left with the impression that programming a flight plan will be complex and complicated. Microdrones has developed an intuitive mobile application that allows even new users to program flight plans in less than five minutes.

With Microdrones’ powerful, yet easy-to-use mdCockpit android app, users can set up a flight plan for a UAV to survey, photograph, or scan pre-defined designated areas. In addition, mdCockpit makes it simple to create and edit flight plans when necessary – even on the jobsite.

Flight Planning – Here’s How it Works:

  • Find your location – mdCockpit utilizes Google Earth technology for quick location identification
  • Choose your mapping area – Simply use your fingertip to draw a polygon around the desired region to be mapped
  • Select your camera or sensor – Choose the applicable data collection device for the flight

From there, just set your flight and equipment parameters and your flight plan is ready to go!

Beyond the user-friendly flight planning interface, Microdrones mdCockpit delivers more benefits to ensure your operation is a success.

  • Real-time mission monitoring
  • Data extraction within minutes via Bluetooth connection – no wires or SD cards required!
  • A resume mission function that enables the UAV to pick up a flight plan where it left off should there be an interruption or need to do a battery change.
  • Batch waypoint mission planning that delivers maximum flexibility to plan consecutive missions and adjust to unexpected events – load up to 99 missions onto the drone!
  • Customizable automatic trigger modes using either time or distance make it easy to perform data capture in situations that prohibit waypoint navigation

Seeing is believing. Check out this quick video demonstrating Microdrones Intuitive Workflow

Regular Software Updates
Even with all the features of mdCockpit, Microdrones has an on-going commitment to enhancing the user experience while expanding the capabilities of their UAVs through continual technology refinement.

Microdrones designed the mdCockpit app so that professionals are able to plan, monitor, modify, and analyze flight plans using only their tablets directly from the jobsite. As a streamlined version of the desktop software, the mdCockpit app delivers heightened flexibility with all but the most minute functions of the PC version. As the leader in UAVs for commercial applications, Microdrones is committed to empowering professionals with complete solutions that provide everything they need to get off the ground quickly!

Learn more about the mdCockpit app or download it from the Google Play Store today!