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Microdrones on an International Path to Success

As Seen in Top Magazin Siegen, spring 2018 issue:

Drone flights over Australia, South America, and the Arctic

Since it was founded in 2005 and since the development of the world’s first commercially usable quadcopter, Microdrones has been leading the industry in the unmanned aerial vehicles sector. Thanks to the combination of robust drones with ultramodern sensors, the forward-looking company can offer tailored, complete solutions that provide companies with an easy introduction to using drones in surveying, mapping, construction, inspection, precision, agricultural, and mining applications. The drone solutions benefit from first-class German engineering, extra-long flight times, resistance to environmental challenges, as well as technologies such as direct georeferencing. As a result, they become exceptionally safe, efficient, and cost-effective options for commercial users. Worldwide, challenging projects with the most varied of requirements are being successfully implemented.

The Arctic

Icy temperatures and a stiff breeze
The CONDOR Group portfolio includes international use of drones for inspecting critical infrastructures such as industrial and on/offshore facilities, stadiums, as well as overhead cables, radio masts, and pipelines. In 2016, the torching facility of an offshore platform in the Arctic Ocean was examined using a drone from Microdrones. Extreme weather conditions of 30°C below freezing and strong winds made it difficult to use the drone. Despite that, it was possible to create a comprehensive report about the condition of all the components, including infrared analysis.


By rail through the red continent

The Australian railway company, Aurizon, administers the Central Queensland Coal Network -- a 2,670-km railway network for heavy goods transport. To monitor the extensive infrastructure even at high temperatures and dusty environment, Aurizon uses two drones designed exclusively by Microdrones, which are also equipped with a high-resolution camera and an infrared system. During the flight, it is possible to change between the two modes, thereby accelerating the entire process. Even the base stations of the drones were adapted to the challenging conditions and are battery-operated, without troublesome cables, and equipped with an integrated screen.


  • Cartographic and topographic survey of a mine site near Lima, using mdMapper1000DG
  • Cooperation with a team from GEOSYSTEMS
  • Examinations of the terrain had to be done without coming in conflict with the owners of the adjacent properties who had already denied access to the geologists in the past.


  • Analysis of an acute emergency situation with the md4-1000 during a blasting operation at a difficult-to-access mountain slope at an altitude of approximately 3,800 metres
  • Evacuation of the entire terrain following safety protocol after a defective explosive charge was discovered
  • Focus on recording temperatures at the source to prevent an uncontrolled explosion

Determining a time window to facilitate safe access of an expert into the zone

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