Microdrones Partners with Nautikaris as a New Drone Surveying Equipment Distributor in Benelux

Nautikaris, a supplier of various hydrographic, telemetry and GNSS positioning products is now offering drone surveying equipment from Microdrones throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg (Benelux.) As a distributor and partner of Microdrones, Nautikaris will be able to supply their customers with LiDAR, photogrammetry, and gas detection drone solutions.

Don Schouten, Account Manager, said that Nautikaris made the decision to sign on as a distributor since Microdrones provides fully integrated systems with high quality sensors, a full-service solution (drone, software, data processing and support) and the Microdrones as a Service sales model to make it affordable to start using drones for surveying.

“The Microdrones as a Service sales model is the future for our customers,” Schouten said. “In an ever changing world, we see a shift towards people not buying equipment in a traditional manner, but rather paying for a service. This helps them manage costs, anticipate usage, and charge accordingly.

mdaaS empowers customers to deploy the full hardware and software solution as a service which includes mdInfinity, packaged with either the purchase or rental of survey equipment.

“Nautikaris wanted to grow their surveying and drone business,” explained Samuel Flick, the Sales Manager for Central Europe at Microdrones. “We offer them the flexibility to rent or buy systems through Microdrones as a Service, which also helps them keep up with the evolution of the technology. It’s a win for both Nautikaris and their customers.”

“Nautikaris has been in business for over 50 years and we understand it’s important to offer more than just the technology, products, and software,” added Schouten. “In times where everything can be bought online, we provide the intangible assets on which our clients rely: service, cooperation and a customer focused business relationship.”

The mdLiDAR1000LR from the GE industrial drone line

About Nautikaris

For over 50 years, Nautikaris has provided Hydrographic and Oceanographic Systems, Meteorological instrumentations and system solutions, Acoustic 3D Imaging Systems, Subsea communication, Positioning Equipment, Underwater Connectors, Rugged Data Collectors, Marine LED Navigation Lights and Wireless Small band Radio telemetry networks. Additionally, they have Acoustic Real-Time 3D Imaging Systems for rental with experienced operators. Customers rely on Nautikaris for the highest quality of products combined with ease of use and a flexible and professional support team.

For more information, visit nautikaris.com or contact them on info@nautikaris.com. 

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