In China, Microdrones continues to innovate and expand into new markets. One such area for potential growth is water conservancy with applications for surveying, construction, and management of water conservancy facilities. Recently, Harley Ho, the Microdrones Marketing and Sales Director for China, attended the annual China Water Conservancy Society Conference, to meet with potential customers and deliver a presentation on Microdrones products and applications, focusing on LiDAR and Direct Georeferencing.

According to Harley, the conference held by the China Water Conservancy Society is one of the most important annual academic conferences with an opportunity to meet with water authorities, and water survey, design and research institutions from across China. Over 300 industry professionals attended the show where this year’s theme was “Hidden Dangers of Flood Prevention and Mitigation.  How to Safely Manage Water Conservancy and Hydropower Projects.”

Harley Ho, Microdrones Marketing and Sales Director for China, at the annual China Water Conservancy Society Conference

In recent years, 3D modeling has become the most popular application in the Chinese drone aerial surveying market. Nearly all customers who purchase drones for aerial surveys will also purchase an oblique photogrammetry camera for the 3D modeling. The same is true in the water industry, where Harley and the Microdrones Team have had some success.

Last year, Longyangxia Hydropower Station, China's second largest hydropower station, needed to find a drone aerial survey company to measure and create a 3D model of the dam and hydropower station. However, due to the relative high elevation of the dam, several companies failed to deliver an accurate representation. 

Microdrones partnered with Terramax, a specialist in aerial photogrammetry and 3D models, to help get the job done. The Microdrones md4-1000 was equipped with an oblique photogrammetry camera to fly, shoot, and quickly complete the objective.. The customer was very pleased with the durability and reliability of the md4-1000 to survey in mountainous terrain, across rivers and over the reservoir. Terramax successfully captured the images and data required to create the 3D model of the dam which will be used in the customer's engineering management and monitoring system.

The 3D model of the Longyangxia Dam & Hydropower Station.

The results of the customized md4-1000 at the Longyangxia Hydropower Station provided a great testimonial and springboard for Microdrones and allowed Harley the opportunity to present other  Microdrones integrated solutions such as the mdLiDAR1000 and mdMapper1000DG. “At this conference, we found some potential customers who are very interested in the Microdrones' LiDAR solution,” said Harley. “We’ve been able to schedule some demonstrations for both the mdLiDAR1000 and the mdMapper1000DG to help gauge the efficiency and data accuracy of both systems.  In addition, we’ve uncovered some new challenges that have great potential for drones.  It is important to monitor the flow and flow rate data of rivers in different areas during heavy rains and floods, but it is very dangerous to measure them manually. A drone equipped with the proper sensors and equipment to perform these task would be a tremendous resource for the water conservancy industry.”

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