Microdrones Provides Compelling Alternative to Traditional Land Surveying Techniques

Microdrones mdMapper solutions complement the work of surveyors using traditional techniques, and help fill the gap between ground surveying and manned aircraft photogrammetry. Direct georeferencing technology helps geospatial professionals improve their workflow, efficiency and results.

Watch the video or read the summary below.

Dr. Mohamed Mostafa is Director of mdSolutions at Microdrones. He says that every land surveyor at the moment is looking for an alternative to the traditional land survey technique. Microdrones is producing mapping products of the same quality and accuracy as traditional surveying methods, and it just happens to be done in one tenth the time. And possibly, one tenth of the cost.

Typically, surveyors need to install ground control points before they fly any kind of mapping project. The Microdrones direct georeferencing product requires zero—or few—ground control points. Microdrones provides direct georeferencing technology, by tying an image captured in the air to its actual location on the ground.

Being able to keep in stable flight during the mapping process is important. The Microdrones airframe is perfect for surveying and mapping:

It can handle winds of 20 MPH and gusts up to 25 MPH.

It can operate from 14 up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, in snow, rain, or dust.

Whether you have an acre or ten acres, the drone is the perfect solution. It is not replacing or competing with a manned operation, it is filling a gap that has been there all along.

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