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Microdrones Releases mdCockpit 2019.7 with new Features

The new updates support new payloads, avoids image smear and is now China ready.

From mission planning to mission execution and monitoring, the mdCockpit App includes all the needed features to execute a successful mission, and is flexible enough to adjust for last minute changes.

The mdCockpit App is unique to Microdrones and makes UAV mission planning as easy as possible. The new features added in version 2019.7 will not only help the user optimize their workflow but will also further simplify the mission planning process. The development team at Microdrones is always looking for new ways to make the app as easy to use as possible.

2019.7 Release

Support for new payloads

  • mdMapper3000DμoG VHR
  • mdMapper3000DμoG
  • mdMapper3000PPK

Avoid Image Smear

China Ready

  • Fully translated Chinese user interface
  • Complete functionality
  • Available for download in China via the Microdrones Web Services

Download the latest version

Click the tablet to download the latest version of the mdCockpit App

If you'd like to learn more about the mdCockpit App or are interested in putting Microdrones systems to work, click here to speak with one of our representatives.