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Microdrones Releases mdCockpit 2020.5 with New Features and Updates

mdCockpit 2020.5 Update

Microdrones users have always loved the handy mdCockpit app, and now we’re elevating things with the release of MdCockpit 2020.5. With this update comes a list of exciting new features that improve the user experience and add new functionality to make it even easier to plan, monitor, adjust, analyze and control your drone surveying missions right from your tablet. Many of these features come highly requested from our users. Please watch the video below for a summary and demonstration of these new updates.

mdCockpit 2020.5 Updates Summary:

  • Smoother Flight Paths in Terrain Follow

Users can now experience smoother flight paths in Terrain Follow with fewer navigation points no matter which supported map software they choose to use.

  • Take Off Checklist

Before the user is ready to fly a mission, mdCockpit will display an on-screen reminder confirming they have executed the preflight check documented in the takeoff checklist. The new update now allows the user to consult the checklist at this time, for reference and any additional information.

  • Improved Low Battery Actions

The low battery actions have been updated with the removal of the “landing” option.  Now users have the ability to choose “continue mission” or “homing and land” so that they can operate and maneuver the drone to safety if a low battery is indicated.

  • Updated Guidance Mode Label

Labeling has been altered in Guidance Mode to provide clearer understanding of functionality.

  • Change Homing and Resume Speed

Users can now control drone speed while in Manual mode or in Homing/Resume mode. 

  • New Label for Manual Mode Speed

Previously this was labeled GPS/Tap & Fly and now it’s been renamed GPS/Manual to remind the user that the displacement the drone is flying was requested manually instead of automatic.

  • Additional map provide: Baidu maps

Support has been added for Baidu Maps, which includes satellite, street, and hybrid modes. This addition joins Microdrones users to Baidu’s existing active userbase of nearly 350 million people.

Download the latest version


Click the tablet to download the latest version of the mdCockpit App

Microdrones will continue to provide mdCockpit users with the most up-to-date features and technology to provide you with the flexibility you need to tackle projects and overcome changes and challenges as they arise. If you'd like to learn more about the mdCockpit App or are interested in putting Microdrones systems to work, CLICK HERE to speak with one of our representatives.