Microdrones Showcases LiDAR at INTERGEO 2019

Microdrones made LiDAR their mission at INTERGEO2019. From September 17-19, our team of expert professionals showcased the mdLiDAR3000 and mdLiDAR1000. In between meetings, lectures and creative breakout sessions, they took the time to answer questions about UAV based LiDAR and show how Microdrones fully-integrated systems combine unmanned aircraft with sensors, hardware, software, workflow, and support.

The Microdrones Team Members answer questions about UAV based LiDAR.

This was the 25th year of the INTERGEO conference at Messe Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany. The event is organized by DVW – the German Society for Geodosy, Geoinformation and Land Management. Their motto for this year was “Knowledge and action for planet Earth”, and the conference was more digital than ever, filled with technologies, applications and know-how relating to geodesy, geoinformation and land management.

In the world of surveying and mapping UAV based LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is growing and Microdrones is at the forefront. Our mdLiDAR3000 and mdLiDAR1000 are fully integrated systems for producing 3D point clouds optimized for land surveying, construction, oil & gas, and mining applications.

During INTERGEO, we explained how LiDAR-equipped drones can achieve higher levels of accuracy on survey projects that could previously only be completed using helicopters or airplanes. LiDAR illuminates the target with a laser, and penetrates through multiple layers, such as a tree canopy, to see all the way to the ground. This makes the technology well-suited for generating 3-D digital terrain models (DTM) in areas with heavy vegetation and rough terrain.

The Microdrones Team at INTERGEO

In addition to meeting with potential end users and interested customers, the Microdrones team also created some new affiliations with sales agents and some great connections with new Distributors. Microdrones works closely with our distributors to provide training, customer service support, and even unique marketing content to help third-parties be successful.

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