Microdrones Welcomes RSS-Hydro as New European Distributor of Drone Surveying Equipment

RSS-Hydro, a dynamic R&D company in the field of environmental remote sensing and modeling of water risks, will now be an official distributor of Microdrones integrated systems, offering drone surveying products and solutions to their environmental, agricultural, and construction clients throughout their designated European regions.

“As a company, our aim is to use the newest remote sensing technologies and most recent advances in science to offer the most innovative solutions to our clients,” explains Dr. Guy Schumann, CEO & Founder of RSS-Hydro. “Our clients are impressed by the modularity and the high-end technology that the Microdrones products integrate, which allows for an unprecedented versatility of applications and opens up many benefits to our clients.”

Margherita Bruscolini, Geoscience expert & UAV pilot, Mohammad Zare, Senior Scientist & UAV pilot, Ruja Mansorian, Hydrologist & UAV pilot prepare their mdLidar3000.

As a Microdrones distributor, RSS Hydro will offer the full product lineup from Microdrones providing their customers with everything needed to get started using drones for surveying and mapping – the UAV, the sensors, and the software and hardware. In addition, the Microdrones as a Service (mdaaS) sales model will allow RSS Hydro to broaden the drone surveying market with convenient hardware and software packages at affordable monthly payment and rental options.

RSS-Hydro also offers drone-based services, such as aerial survey & monitoring, 3D mapping, high-precision terrain, infrastructure mapping, construction site monitoring, search & rescue, disaster relief, river and flood risk mapping.

“We really like working with dynamic and innovative companies like RSS-Hydro,” says Samuel Flick, the central European sales manager at Microdrones. “I look forward to helping them develop their drone surveying market and growing their client base together. Our Microdrones as a Service sales model delivers significant value and benefits to their customers by making it easier and more affordable to use drone surveying equipment and software.

RSS-Hydro provides innovative solutions and technology in drones, environmental remote sensing, and water sectors in Luxembourg and abroad.

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