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Navigating NDAA Compliance with the Microdrones EasyOne NDAA Drone LiDAR System

American-Made: Ensuring Compliance and Quality with EasyOne

In the ever-changing landscape of drone surveying, securing an aerial platform that aligns with regulatory standards is crucial. As professionals in various industries increasingly recognize the importance of compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the need for trusted, reliable equipment has never been more prominent. Here at Microdrones, we offer the EasyOne NDAA, a fully integrated drone LiDAR system designed to meet the requirements of NDAA compliance and exceed your expectations for Drone LiDAR.

Built upon our 4th-gen drone technology, the EasyOne NDAA is compact, lighter, safer, efficient and NDAA compliant.

Understanding NDAA Compliance

The NDAA sets forth regulations to safeguard the security of equipment used in critical operations. Specifically, it prohibits the Department of Defense (DoD) from procuring drones and critical components manufactured by entities in certain countries or using technologies that might compromise operational security and data integrity. Compliance with the NDAA ensures that all parts of the drone, including flight controllers, data links, cameras, gimbals, and ground control systems, meet the approved security standards essential for both governmental and private sector operations.

The EasyOne NDAA Difference

Our EasyOne NDAA system offers a streamlined solution for professionals seeking reliable and secure drone technology for their surveying projects. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the EasyOne NDAA meets the stringent standards required for NDAA compliance, ensuring both security and superior performance.

Compact and Efficient Design

The EasyOne boasts a smaller operational form factor.  This compact design does not only enhance portability but also ensures that the drone can be packed into a protective storage case along with essential accessories like the remote, charger, and batteries. This makes the EasyOne exceptionally convenient for transportation to any project site, no matter the location.

The EasyOne makes it easier than ever for you to plan, fly, collect, process and visualize your geospatial data projects.

Advanced Technological Integration

The EasyOne NDAA features a suite of integrated components that are all compliant with NDAA standards. This includes a specially designed sensor payload, a secure remote controller (RC), a reliable data link, and comprehensive software solutions. These integrations provide a seamless user experience from planning and flying missions to collecting and processing data.

Powerful Software Capabilities with LP360 Drone

Each EasyOne system is packaged with LP360 Drone, our advanced data processing software. LP360 offers an intuitive workflow that supports multi-flight import and processing, integrating effortlessly with other geospatial data. Its powerful point cloud visualization capabilities, along with synchronized viewing windows, enhance the quality assurance and quality control processes, making it easier than ever to analyze and interpret geospatial data accurately.

The EasyOne LiDAR payload is NDAA Compliant

Why Choose EasyOne for NDAA-Compliant Projects?

Choosing the EasyOne NDAA system ensures that your surveying projects are not only compliant with current regulations but are also equipped with the most advanced and secure technology available. Whether you're involved in government contracts or seeking to uphold the highest standards of data security in your private enterprises, the EasyOne NDAA System provides a reliable, efficient, and compliant solution.

Furthermore, our commitment to innovation and security means that the EasyOne NDAA is designed not just for today’s requirements but also for the changing future of drone regulations. Our Microdrones systems are American made and designed to meet the highest standards of operational security and efficiency.

Get Started with EasyOne NDAA

If your projects require compliance with NDAA standards, or if you prioritize security in your surveying operations, the EasyOne NDAA is the solution you’ve been searching for. Contact one of our LiDAR experts today to discover how the EasyOne can enhance your geospatial data collection and processing capabilities.