NEI & Microdrones Promote UAV Integrated Systems Together

Our latest video focuses on the relationship between Microdrones and their distribution partner, NEI. Working together, they showcase how people, places, programs and products make the difference when it comes to selling, servicing, and promoting Microdrones integrated systems.

NEI is a complete solution provider that sells and supports Microdrones Integrated Systems as well as other Mapping/GIS and Surveying/Construction equipment and technology throughout the Southern United States. The corporate headquarters is located in Lafayette, LA with satellite offices in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Arkansas. NEI maintains their service center and sales office at their headquarters in Lafayette, LA, and a sales office & GIS training center in Duluth, GA.

Ross Kenney, UAS Sales and Support Lead for NEI, works closely with Matt Rosenbalm, Microdrones Sales Manager for the Southern United States. Ross says, “NEI started working with Microdrones three to four years ago and what we have seen in that period of time is a tremendous amount of growth.”

Growth is achieved through close collaboration and communication between NEI, Microdrones, and the final end user. In this video, Crafton Tull is the surveying company that is using Microdrones Integrated Systems to create powerful data deliverables like 3D pointclouds and orthomosaics to collect data more efficiently and safely while cutting costs and saving time. All three companies work together to ensure proper training, service, and support for the Microdrones Integrated Systems such as the mdLiDAR1000 and mdMapper1000DG.

“Crafton Tull has a great relationship with their distributor, NEI,” says Rosenbalm. “With NEI and Microdrones relationship, we were able to get our systems in front of Crafton Tull and show them how to create a much more efficient workflow with our equipment.”

“We have a great level of support from Microdrones,” says Kenney. “Number one, we’re getting any kind of questions answered very quickly. I think the most important thing for all of our clients is to find out what kind of solutions can we provide?”

Working together, both the manufacturer and distributor can conduct a proper needs analysis and help the end user select the best solution, capture high quality data and deliver the best results.  Microdrones and NEI value their relationship and look forward to continued growth.

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