New Drone Surveying Software Updates in mdInfinity for Enhanced Data Processing

mdInfinity Cloud 2020.3 Update

Microdrones is pleased to announce the first updates of 2021 with the release of mdInfinity Cloud 2020.3. mdInfinity is our unique data processing software solution that is packaged with either the purchase or rental of drone survey equipment from Microdrones to help you quickly and efficiently process geospatial data.

In the video below, the Microdrones team gives you an overview of the new updates. You can also read the summary below.

Precision Enhancement

Precision Enhancement is now available for use in mdInfinity to help you remove outliers and reduce the noise level of your point cloud. Microdrones outlier rejection is based on density and morphology which enable the user to isolate points belonging to relevant structures.

  • Reduce the noise level in your point cloud while preserving edges and irregular features
  • Open processed *.las files in viewer
  • Viewer
  • View your processed *.las files directly from the Georeferencing and Precision enhancement modules
  • Create a 2D profile
  • Change the display view (elevation, intensity, classification, RGB, return number, gps-time)

Projects View

With Projects view, you can now easily organize your data in projects. Projects now help you to keep track of everything: raw data, base stations and processings- simply name and tag things according to your personal needs. A strong search and bulk actions will even make large heaps of data manageable again.

  • Create new projects
  • Upload raw data 
  • Related your processing tasks to a project
  • Use projects data in your new processing tasks


Georeferencing transforms the raw data from the LiDAR (range and bearing angles), the GNSS and IMU (orientation and positioning) to 3D point cloud and associated data. The new updates allow you to export the trajectory file (sbet) in las format and open and see the results in the viewer.

  • Export trajectory file (sbet) in las format
  • Open results in viewer

Tokens Estimator

A welcome update to mdInfinity is the Tokens Estimator which helps you calculate costs before you fly.  With this tool, you can simply specify your payload and basic mission parametes such as covered area, altitude, speed and overlap, and instantly receive an estimate for processing tasks (eg. PPK Single Base Trajectory Processing) and custom services.

  • Get an idea of the amount of tokens you need to spend for individual processings even before flight.
  • Specify your payload and basic mission parameters and instantly receive an estimate for processing tasks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A new FAQ section helps you to understand the details of LiDAR and photogrammetry. Discover the expertise of mdInfinity to provide solutions that help you to get the most value and insight from your raw data to achieve better outcomes.

Find the FAQ section by clicking on FAQ in the bottom right of mdInfinity

If you would like more information on mdInfinity CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting with an expert representative from Microdrones.