New Videos Featuring Drone Surveying Data Processing Modules from Microdrones

With the launch of mdaaS- Microdrones as a Service, Microdrones is making its survey equipment and solutions accessible to an even broader market of surveyors and geomatics professionals. mdaaS introduces drone surveying solutions, including everything needed to do drone LiDAR and surveying the right way, with convenient hardware and software packages.

Reliable and accurate survey equipment is important, and so is great data processing software. mdInfinity is a powerful ecosystem from Microdrones that will enable you to quickly and efficiently process geospatial data within their exclusive data processing modules including Trajectory Processing, Georeferencing and Boresight Calibration.

To help give you a better understanding of these new data processing modules, Microdrones has created three new overview videos for further explanation.



Improve the accuracy of the position and attitude of sensor collected during the flight.

The Trajectory Processing module is a user-friendly workflow for users to process raw GNSS data (with or without base station), hybridize IMU and GNSS data to produce a smooth trajectory file and export it as a EO/sbet files in the desired coordinate system.

Users can validate the trajectory parameters before processing and obtain different types of EO files depending on the software they will use afterwards.


Anchor geographic coordinates to every point of your pointcloud.

Georeferencing transforms the raw data from the LiDAR (range and bearing angles), the GNSS and IMU (orientation and positioning) to 3D point cloud and associated data.

With the specifications of the raw data, Microdrones produces a georeferenced point cloud in geographic coordinates without any geodetic distortion, or in a local mapping frame specified by the user.


Correct boresight misalignment of your specific product.

Calibration tackles the issue of the alignment of the LiDAR and the IMU body frames.

While a data set may seem clear at high-scale, LiDAR to IMU boresight angles may produce some inconsistency in the data set.

With the Microdrones LIBAC (LiDAR -IMU Boresight Automatic Calibration) tool, the misalignment is computed automatically and boresight angles can be applied to georeference the data set without any boresight bias.

In addition, mdInfinity Custom Services offers Strip Adjustment, Precision Enhancement, Point Colorization and FORMap services on demand. For more information on mdInfinity or to speak with one of our representatives please CLICK HERE.