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Newly Released: The Latest Version of mdCockpit

The Microdrones team is excited to present you with the latest version of our mdCockpit app! You can download it here.

If you don’t currently use the app, now is a great time to start. mdCockpit for your Android tablet helps you be more flexible on the job site and simplifies mission planning, execution, and analysis.

If you’ve already been using the app, you’ll appreciate these updates:

  • More intuitive.  A newly designed user interface makes for a more pleasant, easy user experience.
  • Use your tablet for every aspect of your mission.  Includes a new menu to configure your drone with the app.
  • No cables, dismantling, or SD card removal needed.  Drone configuration, mission planning, and data download can now be accomplished via Bluetooth.
  • Resume mission function.  Plan long missions by relying on the resume navigation function. Missions are resumed where they left off before a flight was interrupted (examples: grounding for battery swaps or manned aircraft flying nearby).
  • Configurable automatic trigger modes. Now you can trigger by distance or time during manual flights. This feature makes it easier to capture data while performing inspections where waypoint navigation is not ideal.
  • Fixed yaw survey.  Great for use with payloads that require various orientations, like LiDAR (coming soon).
  • Batch waypoint mission planning and execution. Enjoy greater flexibility in the field to handle unexpected challenges on the job site. Load up to 99 missions into the drone and plan consecutive missions. Change of plans? Adjust the order of your missions on site at a moment’s notice.


  • Firmware update mdOS4.32 or higher. Note: This recent minor firmware update only benefits app users. A major firmware update to mdOS4.4 will be released in 2017 and will be highly recommended for all Microdrones users. Users upgrading from 4.2 should first upgrade to 4.3b and then complete the easy step to upgrade to 4.32.Update firmware by visiting the Clients Only section of the Microdrones website.
  • Android 6.0.0 Marshmallow and up.

We hope this new, improved version of mdCockpit helps you work smarter in 2017!