Next Stop, Brühl! Samuel Flick at Trimble Express Herzog Systemtechnik

Samuel Flick, European Sales Manager for Microdrones, builds upon a successful event in Essen with a presentation in Brühl.

"It's all part of the Microdrones World Tour," explains Mirjam Bäumer, Director of Marketing for EMEA at Microdrones, adding "In 2019, we've embarked on a global event presence that delivers local impact. Our international event tour enables our sales team to support our distribution network while getting face to face exposure with more field users."

Samuel presented to an audience of geomatics professionals, eager to learn more about surveying and mapping with drones. As part of this presentation, Samuel shared videos from successful German customers Strabag and KWS. (Videos below for our German speaking friends.)

Video Courtesy of Strabag
Video Courtesy of KWS

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