Plan, Fly, Process and & Visualize in Microdrones workflow videos, featuring 5D Teknik

Microdrones is pleased to release the latest videos demonstrating the Microdrones workflow of Plan, Fly, Process and Visualize.  In these videos we partnered with our Swedish Distributor, 5D Teknik, to showcase how they are using drone surveying Equipment from Microdrones.  You can watch the videos below:

In the first video, the 5D Teknik team demonstrates the Plan & Fly portion of the Microdrones workflow while they are out in the field. Rikard Svall, Chief Survey Mapping & Sales Microdrones 5D Teknik reviews the steps to get set up to Plan and Fly. He says, “For the plan and fly workflow, we start with the planning in the office and it’s very important to have the right heights and the right terrain. Before we take of, we always check the planning to make sure we don’t have any obstacles that were not accounted for in Google Earth.”

In the video, they demonstrate the ease of planning a mission in mdCockpit, attaching a payload, and the take off and flight of the mdLidar3000DL aaS.

5DTeknik is one of three different consulting companies under the roof of 5D Konsulterna. Besides offering measurement technology and project support to surveying, engineering and construction professionals throughout Sweden, Norway and Denmark, they also sell and service Microdrones integrated systems.

In the next video, Rikard and the 5DTeknik team demonstrate the Process & Visualize portion of the workflow, using the data collected from the survey flight to create the final deliverables. The drone survey was used to collect information for a new building construction. 

“What we are actually doing,” Rikard explains, “is surveying the land, the heights, and all the trees so the architect can place the building correctly into this environment.”

Back at the office, the team uses mdInfinity to process the data for the customer. mdInfinity is a unique data processing software solution that is packaged with either the purchase or rental of drone survey equipment from Microdrones to help you quickly and efficiently process geospatial data.

“We do the trajectory processing, the photogrammetry processing and we also do the georeferencing of the point cloud,” says Rikard. “Then we take the point cloud into our software to produce a topographical map with the heights, but we also want to extract as many trees as possible, so that they can adapt the building to how we measure the trees.”

The final deliverable will assist the architect with the planning and design of the new building.

If you’re interested in putting the Microdrones workflow to use for your drone surveying needs, CLICK HERE to speak with a representative.