Propelling: Introducing a New Podcast from Microdrones

To propel is to drive, push, or cause to move in a particular direction, typically forward. 

You might say that the Microdrones team, its distribution partners and end users are always propelling

There is no shortage of exciting topics to talk about; that's why we're developing a new podcast.

Each month, we'll talk about our work, what we see in the field, and what it means to technology professionals in the geomatics, construction, engineering, aviation and software trades. 

For our "test flight" we talked with Microdrones Sales Director Mike Hogan and covered these topics:

  • How did you get into such a cool line of work?
  • UAVs aren't for everyone. How do you know if a prospect is a good fit for this technology?
  • How do you develop a sales team for such a niche technology? What experience, characteristics or traits do you look for?
  • Where do you see the industry going?
  • What about this line of work excites you?

Click this link to listen to our first podcast. 

Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts. If there is a specific topic you'd like us to talk about, we're all ears. 

If you're a professional who is using drones for work, or thinking about using drones for work, and you would like to be on our podcast, then please let us know. 

Contact us today to start a conversation with us!