Rick on The Road with Allen Instruments and Supplies

ACEC 67th Arizona Conference on Roads & Streets

Microdrones was pleased to attend the 67th Arizona Conference on Roads & Streets in Tucson, Arizona, at the end of March. US West Sales Manager, Rick Rayhel, attended the conference with distributor Allen Instruments.

The Arizona Conference on Roads & Streets is the largest event for Arizona engineers and contractors.  Attending the event were a variety of engineering firms, construction companies, utility location service providers, surveyors, state/local govt. agencies, service providers, and mining companies.  

It was a great opportunity for Microdrones and Allen Instruments to meet with potential customers and discuss the advantages of implementing Microdrones UAV systems.

Rayhel noted that many of the companies were already utilizing consumer grade drones.  He said, “Many of the people we spoke with are not familiar with more advanced solutions, like the mdLiDAR1000, or even aware one is available. There’s a lot of opportunity to be generated just by having simple conversations outlining our mdSolutions and how we can help organizations reach their goals while saving time and money.”

CLSA 52nd Annual Conference (California Land Surveyors Association Annual Conference)

Rick also attended the California Land Surveyors Association Annual Conference, in Sacramento, California, also in partnership with Allen Instruments.

The goal of the California Land Surveyors Association is to promote and enhance the profession of surveying, the common good and welfare of its members, maintain the highest possible standards of professional ethics and practice, and to elevate the public's understanding of our profession. This year’s theme was “Going for Gold.”

Rayhel was interested in attending the conference to educate land surveyors on mdSolutions and discuss implementing UAV programs into various surveying organizations.

Microdrones and Allen Instruments were able to meet with Land Surveyors, engineers, state/local govt. agencies, and other local service providers.  They reviewed a variety of topics including workflow (plan, fly, process, visualize), available sensors, solution specs, management of UAV programs, and entry costs.

He explained, “There is a large push for utilizing UAV technology in California, but many organizations are unsure on how to accommodate a UAV program.  You have many concerns surrounding safety and accountability.  Although the UAS is an important part of a UAV program, it’s only one component.  Our experience and the variety of our mdSolutions allows Microdrones to work with potential clients to make recommendations on software (management and processing), staff, and equipment. Many of the contacts I spoke with are looking for an advanced UAV solution beyond what is available at the consumer level. ”

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