Rick Rayhel at The 2019 PLSO Conference

Microdrones Sales Manager for the Western U.S., Rick Rayhel, is exhibiting at the 2019 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon Conference this week.

Connecting with surveyors and survey companies in and around Oregon, Rick offers some valuable notes and insights.

Rick Rayhel, Sales Manager for Microdrones in the Western U.S., exhibits the Microdrones mdSolutions product lineup at the 2019 PLSO.

Rick says, "So far, many contacts are interested in discussing realistic resources for integrating a UAV program into their organization. In addition, many conversations have been focused on the advanced solutions Microdrones can offer over other solutions available on the market."

He adds, "In the Pacific Northwest, many of the survey professionals fit into the retirement age group, and comment on the original survey techniques of laying chain and how much easier the work would have been if they had a drone. Surprisingly, many already own a consumer drone for hobby purposes. The young professionals involved in continued education looking to move into the survey sector, fully embrace the UAV technology and are fascinated by the capabilities of the advanced UAV solutions."

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