Sphere Drones describes The 7 fundamentals of Photogrammetry

Our friends at Sphere Drones recently created a video analysis of the Microdrones mdMapper1000DG and how it resolves all the 7 fundamentals of photogrammetry on each and every photo, without using any ground control points.

Check out this great video produced by our friends at Sphere Drones in Australia!

In the video, the Sphere Drones professionals explain The 7 fundamentals of Photogrammetry as:

1. X Axis

2. Y Axis

3. Z axis

4. Omega – Rotation about the X axis

5. Phi – Rotation about the Y axis

6. Kappa – Rotation about the Z axis

7. Scale (Focal length/Flying Height)

About Sphere Drones

Sphere Drones is a leading Australian provider of comprehensive drone products and application solutions for the commercial market. Proudly Australian-owned and an operating entity since 1954, their end-to-end system solutions create outcomes that are highly-functional, cost-effective and, most importantly, commercially successful. Carrying the world’s best drone brands and accessories, their Sydney-based headquarters operates as solutions development facility, allowing existing and prospective clients to work in tandem with the Sphere Drones team to create custom and often proprietary commercial drone solutions. Their partnership with Microdrones will further enhance this ability.